Sodium Bisulfate Chemical for Swimming Pool Water pH

Sodium Bisulfite introductions:1.Technical Parameters:Testing ProgrammeNational standardHG/T3814-2006Main content (calculated as SO2 ), %64.0-67.0Water insoluble matter, %≤0.03Chloride (in Cl),%≤0.05Iron Content (in Fe),%≤0.004Arsenic  Content (in As),%≤0.0002Heavy Metal Content (in Pb),%≤0.001PH Value (

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Sodium Bisulfite introductions:

1.Technical Parameters:
Testing ProgrammeNational standard
Main content (calculated as SO2 ), %64.0-67.0
Water insoluble matter, %≤0.03
Chloride (in Cl),%≤0.05
Iron Content (in Fe),%≤0.004
Arsenic  Content (in As),%≤0.0002
Heavy Metal Content (in Pb),%≤0.001
PH Value (50g/L solution)4.0-5.0

CAS NO.:7631-90-5
HS CODE:2832.1000.00
Molecular Formula: NaHSO3
Molecular Weight:104.05

2.Sodium Bisulfite Application:
Used in food1.Sodium Bisulfite food grade is used in almost all commercial
 wines to prevent oxidation and preserve flavor;
2.In fruit canning, sodium bisulfite is used to prevent browning
 (caused by oxidation) and to kill microbes.
3. Sodium bisulfite food grade is also added to leafy green vegetables
 in salad bars and elsewhere, to preserve apparent freshness
Industrial uses1.Sodium bisulfite is a common reducing agent in the chemical industries.
2.It is usually added to large piping systems to prevent oxidative corrosion.
3.In biochemical engineering applications, it is helpful to maintain 
anaerobic conditions within a reactor.
4.In wastewater treatment, sodium bisulphite is often added
 following disinfection with a chlorine solution to neutralize
 the residual chlorine before discharging the treated effluent.


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