Hormone (17alpha)-17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonnitron Powder CAS 77881-13-1

Product Description Product name(17alpha)-17-hydroxy-3-oxoandrost-4-ene-17-carbonitrileCAS no.77881-13-1Molecular FormulaC20H27NO2Molecular Weight313.43388PropertiesDensity1.051g/cm3Boiling Point569.397ºC at 760 mmHgFlash Point171.728ºCRefractive Index1.514Storage Condition-20ºCCOA ITEMSSPECIFICATIONRESU

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Product Description 
Product name(17alpha)-17-hydroxy-3-oxoandrost-4-ene-17-carbonitrile
CAS no.77881-13-1
Molecular FormulaC20H27NO2
Molecular Weight313.43388

Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1


Boiling Point569.397ºC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point171.728ºC
Refractive Index1.514
Storage Condition-20ºC
Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1

CharacterWhite or almost white crystalline powderAlmost White crystalline powder
Specific optical rotation+47°to +53°+48.2°
Impurity FNot more than 0.5%<0.5%
IdentificationComplies by IRConforms
Related substancesImpurity A not more than 0.3%Undetected
Impurity B not more than 0.7%Undetected
Impurity C not more than 0.2%Undetected
Impurity D not more than 1.0%0.36%
Impurity E not more than 0.2%Undetected
Impurity G not more than 0.2%Undetected
Impurity H not more than0.10%0.08%
Impurity I not more than 0.2%Undetected
Unknown impurity not more than 0.10%0.05%
ImpurityTotal impurity not more than 1.5%0.49%
Loss on dryingNot more than 1.0%0.20%
Methylene chlorideNot more than 300ppm84ppm
MethanolNot more than 2000ppm116ppm
AssayContains 97.0% to 103.0% of C24H34O499.80%
Calculated on dried basis
ConclusionThe goods conforms to USP

Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1
Product NameSpecificationCAS No.
Medroxyprogesterone AcetateUSP39, EP8.071-58-9
AltrenogestIn-house standard850-52-2
Progesterone USP39,EP8.0,BP201657-83-0
Estradiol CypionateUSP37313-06-4
Estradiol ValerateUSP37979-32-8
Estradiol BenzoateUSP3750-50-0
DienogestIn-house standard65928-58-7
MedrogestoneIn-house standard977-79-7
Triamcinolone acetonideUSP3976-25-5
DiosgeninIn-house standard512-04-9
16-Dehydropregnenolone acetateIn-house standard979-02-2
Megestrol AcetateUSP37595-33-5
PregnenoloneIn-house standard145-13-1
17alpha-HydroxyprogesteroneIn-house standard604-09-1
Hydroxyprogesterone AcetateIn-house standard302-23-8
Hydroxyprogesterone CaproateUSP 37630-56-8
8DM(16alpha-methyl Epoxide)In-house standard24916-90-3
Intermediate of MedrogestoneIn-house standard902768-49-4
FlumethasoneIn-house standard2135-17-3
Flumethasone AcidIn-house standard28416-82-2
Mometasone furoateIn-house standard83919-23-7

Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1

Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1

Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1
Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1
Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1
Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1

Q1: Can i get some samples?
A:Yes, we can supply the free sample, but the shipping cost be paid by our customers.

Q2: How to start orders or make payments?
A:Proforma invoice will be sent first after confirmation of order, enclosed our bank information. Payment by T/T, Western Union, Money Gram.

Q3: How to confirm the Product Quality before placing orders?
1.You can get free samples for some products,you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange  a courier to us and take the samples.
2. You can tell us your product specifications and requests,we will manufacture the products  according to your requests.

Q4:Is there a discount?
A:Different quantity has different discount.

Q5: How do you treat quality complaint?
A:Our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a real
quality problem caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement.

Q6:Do you Accept Sample Order?
A:Yes, we accept small order from 1box, 5boxes and 10boxes to evaluate quality of our goods.

Hormone (17alpha) -17-Hydroxy-3-Oxoandrost-4-Ene-17-Carbonitrile Powder CAS 77881-13-1

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