Over 98 % Cosmetic Grade Retinal / Retinal a / Axerophthal / All Trans Retinal 116-31-4

Product Information Product nameAll Trans Retinal / Retinaldehyde /Retinal A / AxerophthalCAS No.116-31-4Molecular FormulaC20H28OMolecular Weight284.44Quality Standard98% up, Cosmetic Grade/Medicine GradeAppearanceLight yellow powder COA of All-Trans Retinal UsageFunction of All-trans RetinalAll-trans Retinal, is

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Product Information
Product name

All Trans Retinal / Retinaldehyde /Retinal A / Axerophthal

CAS No.116-31-4
Molecular FormulaC20H28O
Molecular Weight284.44
Quality Standard98% up, Cosmetic Grade/Medicine Grade
AppearanceLight yellow powder
COA of All-Trans Retinal

98% up Cosmetic Grade Retinaldehyde /Retinal a / Axerophthal / All Trans Retinal 116-31-4


Function of All-trans Retinal

All-trans Retinal, is also known as Retinaldehyde or Retinal A, is an important signal transduction molecule in the development of the eyeball, and it has many different important roles in the development of the eyeball of vertebrates. Myopia is a developmental disease. The active expansion of the sclera of the myopic eye is an important mechanism for its elongation, and retinal may be a messenger molecule that regulates the elongation of the experimental myopia. Retinal and experimental myopia occur and develop. Progress has been made in the study of the relationship between retinal and its nuclear receptors, retinal changes in the retina, choroid, and sclera of experimental myopia, and retinal as an eyeball extension from the retina to the sclera The progress of signal messenger molecule research. The role of retinoic acid in skin diseases is very extensive, but due to local irritation, its clinical application is limited to a certain extent. All-trans Retinal is an intermediate metabolite of natural retinoic acid, has similar biological activity as retinoic acid, and the skin's tolerance to it is significantly better than retinoic acid. The metabolism and biological activity of retinal in the body and skin and its application in dermatology are now reviewed.

Application of All-trans Retinal
1.Regulation of angiogenesis, repair of elastic fibers and collagen damage
2.Treatment of acne and acne
3.Treatment of psoriasis Orally administered retinoic acid as an experiential medication for psoriasis was first introduced in the mid 70s, from mid 80s.Further reduce the incidence of lung cancer among smokers. Although smoking cessation significantly reduces the risk of lung cancer, they are still twice as likely to develop it in 20 years as non-smokers. A daily dose of retinol, a derivative of vitamin A retinol and retinoic acid, could further reduce the risk of lung cancer for such quitters, according to a doctoral study from the University of Texas Cancer Research Center.
4.Inhibition of fat formation

98% up Cosmetic Grade Retinaldehyde /Retinal a / Axerophthal / All Trans Retinal 116-31-4


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