Interview With Sidley Chemical on the Market Situation of Mortar Additives and Cellulose Ethers | The Ritz Herald

2022-11-21 08:39:26 By : Ms. Marie Lu

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Interview With Sidley Chemical on the Market Situation of Mortar Additives and Cellulose Ethers | The Ritz Herald

How the business development of Sidley Chemical Co., Ltd in 2020?

In 2020, Sidleychem sales increased by 20% over 2019. It mainly due to the increase in orders for pharmaceutical Hydroxypropyl MethylCellulose (HPMC)/HPC and other products. On the condition of factories being at full capacity, we have satisfied the order needs of most pharmaceutical companies. And we have developed a product named HPMC 931. HPMC931 can be used as a thickener for washing-free gels as the replacement of carbomer. The effect is also very good. It has made part of the contribution to global anti-epidemic work.

In 2020, what is the plan for Sidleychem’s development?

The company expects to add a Redispersible Polymer Powder(RDP) production line to produce high-quality redispersible polymer powder and to meet the order needs of foreign customers. Emulsion materials are from suppliers such as Celanese and Dalian Chemical. Our RDP product performance can completely replace the RDP product of Wack. After we optimized the production line, the production cost of redispersible polymer powder will be greatly reduced, then the market competitiveness will be improved also.

What marketing plan does Sidleychem have in 2020?

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the exhibitions in the first half of 2020 were postponed to 2021. But we will attend the 2020 China Paint Show in Guangzhou, Exhibition Number: Hall No.:3.2; Zone No.:8; Booth No.:3.2H27. At the same time, we have been actively participating in the network exhibition to improve the company’s brand awareness.

What new product Sidelychem will launch in 2020

The company has an advanced mortar application laboratory for providing technical support to dry mortar customers. After a year of research and development, we have pushed out our new Cellulose ether product coded MR15101, and new redispersible polymer powder coded RDP8012, especially used for tile adhesive. In tile adhesive, it has very good performance of water retention, anti-sagging, and workability. In gypsum products, we have new products like HPMC MR24163/MR 22110 and etc. No matter in machine spray gypsum or manual plastering gypsum, their performance are all excellent and well-received by customers.

What is Sidelychem’s plan for 2021?

We believe that the global economy will fully recover in 2021. In particular, there will be a significant increase in demand for construction chemicals. We will increase the promotion of our mortar and paint additives. Cellulose ether, redipersible polymer powder, Hydrophobic agent and Calcium formate are our dominant products, their sales are expected to increase by 40% over 2020. Sidley will attend the European Paint Exhibition 2021, Exhibition Name: European Paint Exhibition (ECS 2021); Exhibition time: March 23-25, 2021.

SIDLEYCHEM was founded in 2005. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of cellulose ether and construction chemicals. Products include: HPMC; HEC; CMC; RDP; Calcium formate; Hydrophobic agent; Starch ether; Water reducer and other products. Mainly used in food, medicine, dry mortar, concrete, water paint, and other industries.

Interview With Sidley Chemical on the Market Situation of Mortar Additives and Cellulose Ethers | The Ritz Herald

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Hpmc Mr. Rony was the founder of SIDLEYCHEM. He is engaged in the cellulose ether industry for 20 years and having a very rich industry experience.